Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Earlier today I pulled together the above items for a client and snapped a quick photo for her consideration. We were discussing items for the cover of a popular magazine, which my work may just appear on next fall! While that is certainly quite a ways away, the collection of pulled items really got me excited right now!

I love the varied shades of blue, the elegant scalloped edges of the bowls in the back left corner, and the rustic texture of the modern trays. The irregular stripes are fun and bring in a playful element, while the items in the front feature straight lines and even edges. Without intention this quick photo captures everything I want my work to be. I hit a couple of my favorite, seemingly contradictory elements: Modern yet classic, refined yet rustic, organic yet controlled.

Simply, these pieces are sophisticated yet approachable, which got me thinking about Terrain's latest collection. Their Fall 2012 collection captures those same aesthetics and comforts, all with that beautifully cohesive blue theme. Below are some of my favorite items from their Fall 2012 collection. (And yes, I did include the Cobalt tray I made for them. I can't help it, I love that tray!) Can't you just imagine a table decked out in all these fabulous blue hued textures and materials?


  1. Lindsay, these pieces are amazing! I love your cobalt trays :)

    Please stop by if you have time, I am hosting a giveaway as a herald of my new collection! :) Would love to have you!


  2. Love the detail on the bottom of your bowls its lovely! Good luck with the feature

  3. That's such a fun way for the bottom of the bowl.
    I can't wait to have some special occasion so I can buy these for myself. Or have someone buy them for me haha.

  4. I love the color blue that you use! It makes me want to go to my studio right now and begin work on a new clay piece.